Pre-Inspection for home and commercial properties
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Pre-Inspection for buyers and sellers

Pre-InspectionA pre-inspection can save potential homeowners quite a few restless nights and thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs. Buying a home is never an easy task. There is so much paperwork involved in the initial process and even more paperwork is needed to finalize the deal. Some people are so anxious to purchase their first home until they completely forget the first rules of home purchase. Check, check, check, or in this case inspect, inspect and inspect again. Too many people have invested their hard earn money into a home, building or other piece of property that yields them no profit.

Here are several reasons why a pre-inspection can help homeowners sell a great house and buyers to buy a great house.

Buyers and sellers Pre-Inspection checklist


  • Check for septic tank leaks
  • Check for free standing water
  • Is concrete foundation in good condition
  • Are branches and limbs hanging over the roof
  • Are there any signs of termites or rotting wood
  • Is the roof in good condition (including the drain spout or gutters)


  • Check the quality of windows and doors
  • Is the house sitting up straight and not leaning
  • Is the foundation free from cracks


  • Is the paint flaking or peeling
  • Is the vinyl or siding loose or damaged
  • Are any trees or vines growing on the surface of the structure
  • Are there any cracks in the joints

Doors and Windows

  • Check the wood around the door and window frames
  • Are windows storm resistance or thermal glass
  • Are the windows in good condition
  • Are the sills or joints properly caulked

Other areas to check in a home are the closets, bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, basement and attic. Every inch of a home should be carefully inspected for leaks and other damages. Sellers may not know whether or not their home is experiencing major problems. This is why pre-inspection is a vital part of selling and buying a home. Sellers know what home buyers are looking for, just as much as home buyers know what they are looking for. Finding the perfect home is never easy.

However, when everyone does their part, provides an adequate checklist and chooses to have their property pre-inspected prior to selling, everyone comes out a winner. Pre-inspection is a prevention tool that can help identify problems before they get out of hand. People are more apt to buy a home if they know firsthand what type of problems to expect. After all, no one likes bad surprises.

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