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Rose Certified Inspections provides more information than ever for the potential buyer.  We will answer all your questions, before and after the inspection.

We continue to offer the same high quality of inspection as before but with a broader knowledge of residential and commercial buildings of today.  We are one of the only inspection companies who inspect commercial buildings. The company owner, David Rose, personally inspects every property. A comprehensive report, including high quality digital pictures, is printed at the completion of the inspection.

In addition to thoroughly checking for mold, we will check for radon gas if the buyer is concerned it exists.  This process is easy to do and the results are available within just a few days.  For the novice or more experienced homeowner, a complete guide to maintaining your home is also provided.  In addition, we will include valuable information pertaining to the cost of every home repair from new carpeting to a new water heater.  This is so important for the buyer and keeps the trades honest in their pricing. We will also provide a pdf file of the entire inspection report for the buyer to keep on their computer for future reference.

But our job is not done at the completion of the inspection.  We continue to stay in touch with all our clients as they may have questions or additional information is needed in maintaining their new home.  The knowledge and experience that we bring to each inspection becomes invaluable throughout the entire process.

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We want each and every one of our clients to be thoroughly pleased with our services.  You can have peace of mind in knowing that your home has been thoroughly inspected by professionals who care about you and your investment.

We offer same day service!  Don’t forget to Inspect before you Invest!!  Call us today to schedule your inspection!